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Tools and Accessories

Laser Diode Socket – If you're looking for a reliable socket for a laser diode, this is undoubtedly the best socket available. The contacts are gold-plated beryllium copper and the body is injection molded Teflon.  There are 3 contacts located on a 0.100" diameter circle which exactly matches the pin layout for the standard 9mm laser diode -- the sockets may also be used with the 5.6mm laser diodes by slightly bending the laser diode's leads. On the wire side of the socket, there are solder pots which accept up to 24 gauge wire. The physical size is 6.3mm x 10.3mm in length (.248" x .405").

Part number Description Price each
900-8060-000 Laser Diode Socket, for three pin laser diodes $10.40

Lens Adjustment Tool – A miniature spanner wrench for adjusting the collimating lens in most Optima laser diode assemblies. The plastic ring has two steel pins which engage the lens holder allowing precise rotation and control of the lens assembly. The aperture through the tool is large enough to clear most collimated beams. (This tool isn't absolutely necessary to adjust the lens – almost any small pointed object will work – however, the tool provides better control over a very sensitive adjustment).

Please note: The 900-3638-000 tool may also be used to tighten the threaded ring which holds the laser diode in the 5.6mm Laser Diode Mounting kits.

Part number Description Price each
900-3638-000 Focus Adjustment Tool, fits all lens holders except as mentioned below $15.00
900-5038-000 Focus Adjustment Tool, for LDM 5000 KIT $19.40

Retaining Ring Pliers When the Optima Laser Diode Mounting kits are used in production applications, we recommend using a pair of high quality retaining ring pliers. This is a case where using the correct tool will really help make the assembly process easier. The pliers are forged-steel with cushioned hand grips and the tips are conveniently angled at 90 degrees for installing internal rings.

Please note: Only the 9mm Laser Diode Mounting kits use a retaining ring – therefore these pliers are not necessary with the mounting kits for 5.6mm laser diodes.

Part number Description Price each
900-3590-000 Retaining Ring Pliers, for 5/16" to 5/8" diameter rings $25.20

Precision Thread Tap The thread used on many of the Optima lens holders is a .375-64 (3/8 inch diameter, 64 threads per inch). The fine pitch provides precise control for adjusting collimation or focus. While this thread is special, there are taps and dies available from many machine tool suppliers in the U.S. (however, you may not find it at your local hardware store).  For your convenience, we stock the .375-64 tap (used for cutting internal threads).

Please note: We can not supply the specifications for the tap drill size – the drill size is very critical as this is an extremely fine pitch thread and the hole size is dependent of the material being used and the length of the thread. 

Part number Description Price each
900-3864-000 Precision Thread Tap, .375-64 $23.50

Miniature Hex Driver The Optima Laser Diode Mounting kits that have an x-y adjustment are supplied with the appropriate hex key however, this miniature precision driver is recommended for adjusting the small #0-80 set screws in production applications.

Part number Description Price each
900-7270-080 Miniature Hex Driver for #0-80 set screws used on the LDM 3600 KIT, LDM 4100 KIT $9.40

Heat Sink Compound – To improve the heat transfer between a laser diode and the mounting surface or housing, we recommend using a small amount of non-silicone heat sink compound. This material is formulated to eliminate the phenomenon of silicone migration and out-gassing. The material will not harden, dry out or melt. It also meets the physical properties of MIL-C-47113.

Part number Description Price each
900-3626-000 Heat Sink Compound, Tube 4 oz. $29.30

Optical Bench Adapters – These four adapters are specifically designed to hold Optima's Diode Laser Modules, Collimated Diode Lasers, and Laser Diode Mounts. Machined from aluminum and finished with a black anodize, the adapters attach to a standard optical bench post with an #8-32 thread (the post is not included). The laser diode assembly is firmly retained in the adapter by a nylon-tipped set screw – a close fit between the laser diode assembly and the adapter facilitates heat transfer.

Part number Description Price each
ADP 1125-000 Holds an 11mm diameter Collimated Diode Laser (CDL) or the 11mm Laser Diode Mounting Kit (LDM) on a standard optical bench post using the #8-32 thread. $15.40
ADP 1525-000 Holds a 15m diameter Diode Laser Module (DLM) or Line Generator Module on a standard optical bench post using the #8-32 thread. Two holders may be used in an environment where vibration may be a problem. $15.40
ADP 1115-000 Holds an 11mm diameter Collimated Diode Laser (CDL) or the 11mm Laser Diode Mounting Kit (LDM) in the two-axis positioner (P/N 250-0015) or the four-axis positioner (P/N 260-0015) $14.00
ADP 1538-000 Lens holder for use with two-axis and four-axis positioners, this adapter has an internal 3/8-64 which fits many of the Optima mounted lenses i.e. 302-0355-780, 302-0360-780, 306-0065-780, 306-8040-780, and 306-1027-xxx $12.00
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