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2-Axis Precision Positioners

Precision XY Translator

These unique XY Translators help reduce the tedious process of accurately positioning optics and optoelectronic components. Compared with a conventional translation stage, these units offer several advantages. In a very compact and economical package, the XY Translators provide smooth, precision movement in two axes.

Ideally suited for OEM or prototype use in optical instruments, the XY Translators facilitate the accurate positioning of light sources, optics, fibers, and detectors or sensors for maximum performance. While the positioners were designed for an optical instrument, we've found them indispensable in our optical bench set-ups where small optics and other critical devices must be carefully aligned. The small footprint of the XY Translators and their compatibility with standard optical bench post holders, allows the use of multiple units in the space typically required by one translation stage.

Precise x-y motion is controlled by moving a pair of levers on the side of the unit. One lever moves the optical component in the X direction while the second lever controls the Y axis movement. A positive locking mechanism ensures the mount will be permanently locked in place once the desired position is established.

Components are retained in the mount with a nylon-tipped set screw which gently, but positively, holds the component against two contact points, ensuring a stable three-point mounting system. Part number 250-0015 will accept components up to 15mm in diameter, while P/N 250-0025 accepts components up to 25.4mm in diameter. Additional hardware may be attached to the front surface of the mount by using the four #4-40 threaded holes. Two #8-32 threaded holes on the bottom edge of the mount are compatible with most standard optical bench posts.

Part Numbers and Specifications:

Description X-Y Translator
Part Number 250-0015-000 250-0025-000
Unit Price $194.00 $194.00
Aperture Size (maximum component diameter) 15 mm (0.590 in.) 25.4 mm (1 in.)
Linear Range of Motion � 2 mm (0.080 in.)
Linear Adjustment Sensitivity < 0.1 mm (0.004 in.)
Material and Finish Aluminum, anodized black

Mechanical Dimensions:

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