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Achromats, Doublets, Plano-convex
Plano-concave, Bi-convex, Bi-concave, etc.

In addition to laser diode optics, Optima also manufactures singlet lenses, doublet lenses, and optical flats i.e. mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, and prisms. Generally, these components are produced at OEM quantity levels and are not offered in small quantities. However, over the years we have manufactured a few standard achromats with small diameters and relatively short focal lengths. These high-quality lenses are ideally suited for use in laser diode based applications:

Standard Achromat Specifications:

Part Number 414-1575-670 414-2085-670
Unit Price (Qty 1-24) $24.90 $23.80
Description Spherical Achromat
Focal Length 15 mm 20 mm
Design Wavelength 780 nm 785 nm
Diameter 7.5 mm 8.5 mm
Clear Aperture 6.5 mm 7.5 mm
Center Thickness 3.68 mm 3.9 mm
AR Coating, MgF2 670 nm 670 nm
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