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Laser Diode Close-Out List

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Part number Qty
1 - 49
Max laser
power (mW)
Mode Current (Ith)
Typ (mA)
Current (Iop)
Typ (mA)
Divergence (FWHM deg)
Parallel Perpendicular
HL6319G * $65.90 635 10 S 50 70 8 31
HL1326MF** $95.20 1310 5 M 8 ~25 30 40
* The internal circuit configuration of the HL6313G, HL6319G, HL6738MG allows operation with a single positive supply voltage -- this also allows grounding the laser diode case and the heatsink structure.
** HL1326MF have a 5.6mm package, all other Hitachi diodes listed above have a 9mm package.
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Last modified: January 17, 2011